Riverside Renovation

After a hurricane blew through our area, this homeowner was left with a screen enclosure in disrepair and a soffit system in need of some serious attention. We replaced the soffit system with an elegant hidden-vent system and added seamless rain gutters on the whole home. For the screen enclosure, it was obvious that a normal "re-screen" of the existing structure wasn't going to cut it. After removing the original cage during the soffit work, the customer fell back in love with the beautiful view he was able to enjoy everyday. His property is on a canal close to the Indian River so sunsets are a sight to see! So, we worked with the homeowner to come up with a great solution to both problems. We built Brevard County's very first full-sized MegaView screen enclosure. MegaView is a system of robust extrusions engineered to provide maximum views, but also offer peace of mind that the structure isnt going anywhere. We were able to provide a nearly unobstructed 180-degree view for the customer, as well as make his home the talk of the town...or should we say canal!


The existing home blended in with all the other homes on the canal. A deteriorating soffit system, and a standard I-Beam screen enclosure dated this home and didn't allow it to stand out.


Now with a new modern hidden-vent soffit system, seamless gutters, and Brevard's first MegaView, you cant help but stare as you cruise by!

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