As we enter 2024, one thing is certain when it comes to home remodeling. That is, that there is no shortage of fly-by-night companies to do business with. We know you have a choice with who you trust to make your dreams a reality. Well, we take that very seriously here at BSS Exteriors. Part of making sure that we are the partner you can count on with your exterior renovations, is making sure we work with businesses who take your business as serious as we do. You see, we also have a choice in who we do business with. That is why we choose to partner with industry-leaders as well. After being in business for nearly 40 years, we put our experience to work for you. We’ve forged many lasting relationships with some of the highest-rated suppliers and manufacturers in the housing construction industry. We’ve learned who “talks the talk” and “walks the walk”. Perhaps, more importantly, we’ve learned who doesn’t. Below is a list of the vendors we’ve partnered with to bring your vision to life.

Being a division of ABC Supply, Town & Country's mission includes being the best and easiest building products supplier in the industry. Town & Country truly understands the value of building relationships, starting with their own employees and emphasizing the relationships with their customers. Honest, fair, and efficient business practices make it an easy decision for BSS Exteriors on where to buy the bulk of the materials we use.

ABC Supply was founded in 1982 on the same core values that make up the American Dream. Within the last 4 decades, ABC has become the largest wholesaler of roofing materials in America. They pride themselves on putting the customer first, as well as being a place that employees are proud to report to each day. These are values that we have shared since day one, and make us proud to partner with ABC Supply.

Simonton has a long history of customer satisfaction in the window industry. They understand the needs of the consumer and focus on that with their products. They couple that with a stellar warranty to give you peace of mind in your windows. We have been proud to work with Simonton for over 15 years, installing high quality vinyl windows and sliding glass doors.

When it comes to vinyl and aluminum, there is one name that stands above: PlyGem. Through the years, we have developed a deep relationship with PlyGem and it's subsidiaries. Beginning with Alcoa years ago, PlyGem is the parent company of many leading corporations in the vinyl/aluminum world including Variform, Mastic, Simonton, and many more. Variform manufactures vinyl and aluminum building products including soffit, siding, and fascia. This trade was the cornerstone of our company in 1985, so we know a thing or two about quality products. Though names have changed, Variform's dedication to that quality remains the same.

When a company's product name becomes so popular, that the public refers to it as the generic class of that product itself, it is known as "genericization". A few come to mind right off the bat, like "Kleenex" or "Xerox", or "Bubble Wrap" (Yes, "Bubble Wrap"). One that we are very familiar with is "Hardie Board". While "Hardie Board" is the common referral to "fiber-cement siding", its no wonder to us why it is. James Hardie has pioneered the fiber-cement siding market, and continue to produce the highest quality products each and every day.

With 35 years of innovation and experience in the aluminum and glass industry, ES Windows has solidified itself as a leader in the window market. That innovation has led to the development of some the highest thermally-performing, as well as ruggedly tough window and door units available in America today. Combine that with a customer-first service approach, and a socially responsible business model, ES Windows sets itself apart from its counterparts in the home fenestration industry.

While the name might not be synonymous with "entry-doors", it should be. ThermaTru is perennially recognized as the brand most used in the entry door category. Entry doors aren't just the portal to our home, they are so much more. They are our first chance to make an impression on our guests, to invite them in and feel welcome. Having the perfect door is essential to finish off your remodel. ThermaTru understands that and manufactures styles and configurations that customers are drawn to.

Eyewall Armor is the brand of hurricane shutters, designed and developed by Town & Country Industries. These products represent the culmination of over 40 years of hurricane protection excellence. Town & Country Industries has created the Eyewall Armor brand, but rely solely on its network of fabrication dealers to produce the product. At BSS Exteriors, we are proud to celebrate our 10th year of being included in this network bringing the highest quality, strongest, and most reliable hurricane protection products to consumers.

A leader in the residential roofing industry, IKO prides itself on quality and reliability. So much of the roofing industry relies on a products ability to withstand the storm, not just look beautiful. Luckily IKO excels at both. With IKO roofing products on your home, you can rest assured that you have the very highest quality products available as well as unmatched service and warranty.